Saturday 31 August 2019

...can we get some sunshine, Sydney?

The last day of winter and Sydney sure delivered. I briefly stepped outside in an attempt to go for my weekend run and instead, found myself heading straight back inside to the warmth and comfort of a heater, copious cups of tea and chocolate Digestives. What can I say? The thought of exercise was there. Just not today.

The past few days have been freezing, and yes, I use that term loosely as I know that our winter is relatively mild in comparison to other cities. The temperature drops below 20°C and before you know it, Sydney-siders are commenting about the miserable state of the weather. Bless.

As I spent the afternoon indulging in some self-care (face mask on, reruns of TOWIE, more cups of tea, you catch my drift ... ), I realised there have been a few products which I have found myself gravitating towards this winter. These products have become firm favourites, though truth be told, I have a feeling I'll still be reaching for them during the warmer months as well.

I picked up this lip scrub at a Lush store in London earlier this year. I'm such a fan of cherry-scented products so as soon as I saw "Eve's Cherry" on the counter, I knew it would be coming home with me.

I've been using the Lush lip scrubs for almost 10 years now and I generally keep them on hand throughout the year, regardless of season. You need only to rub the tiniest amount on your lips to leave them feeling so soft and smooth. I tend to wear lipstick most days and these lip scrubs are perfect to use before applying any lip product to create a naturally fuller lip.

My only gripe about this particular lip scrub is that it's, unfortunately, from a limited edition collection. The good news is that Lush has several other scented lip scrubs in their permanent line that work just as well. Having said that, I really wish Eve's Cherry was still available, especially as I'm starting to reach the end of this little jar! I mean, cherry and peach? Could you think of a more delicious combination?!

On the topic of fruit, there's something about winter that always has me leaning towards berry-toned shades. I love a creamy, rich red on the nails during the cooler months and Essie's "Plumberry" has been my most frequently applied nail polish this season. I find berry shades tend to suit the majority of skin tones and is my go-to shade for a manicure when I want a pop of colour.

I'm sporting Essie's Plumberry this week and like most Essie polishes, it's a dream to apply and lasts a solid one to two weeks with the Essie Gel Setter topcoat. It's a cream red with a hint of pink, and whilst I'm generally partial to nude shades, I absolutely adore this colour.

Running with the fruit theme, the last product is a face mask from Swisse, which has a really distinct berry scent to it. I can't quite put my finger on the exact scent but it smells so incredible each time I apply it.

I was introduced to the Swisse range of face masks after receiving a sample of it earlier in the year. I knew Swisse largely for their multivitamins but I had no idea they did skincare as well and was pleasantly surprised by their manuka honey detoxifying clay mask. I noticed a difference in the texture of my skin after one application and I ended up purchasing the full size product soon after. I apply it once a week and love how much it smoothes and brightens the complexion. I recently purchased the Swisse blood orange and turmeric brightening clay mask and I cannot wait to try that out to see how it compares.

What products have you been enjoying as of late? I'm always keen to hear about other people's favourites and any recommendations.

Thanks for reading xo

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