Saturday, 31 August 2019

...can we get some sunshine, Sydney?

The last day of winter and Sydney sure delivered. I briefly stepped outside in an attempt to go for my weekend run and instead, found myself heading straight back inside to the warmth and comfort of a heater, copious cups of tea and chocolate Digestives. What can I say? The thought of exercise was there. Just not today.

The past few days have been freezing, and yes, I use that term loosely as I know that our winter is relatively mild in comparison to other cities. The temperature drops below 20°C and before you know it, Sydney-siders are commenting about the miserable state of the weather. Bless.

As I spent the afternoon indulging in some self-care (face mask on, reruns of TOWIE, more cups of tea, you catch my drift ... ), I realised there have been a few products which I have found myself gravitating towards this winter. These products have become firm favourites, though truth be told, I have a feeling I'll still be reaching for them during the warmer months as well.

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