Saturday 3 September 2016

A sweet escape

Confession: I am not one to plan holidays in advance.

Shocking, no? Especially considering that I am a generally very organised person.

I like to plan ahead - whether it's planning an outfit for an upcoming event, writing up a to do list for the following day, or even deciding the colour polish for my next manicure (something office appropriate, please!).

But when it comes to holidays? Nope...

The majority of my trips overseas have been organised last minute. This recent trip to Malaysia was no exception.

When I heard that my cousins had planned a visit to Kuala Lumpur and a nearby resort for the week, I decided to tag along ...last minute, of course.

We stayed at Avani Sepang Goldcoast Resort, a 5-star resort about an hour drive south from KL. The resort itself is set out in the shape of a palm tree. Imagine the Palm Island in Dubai ... only substitute Dubai's luxury villas, hotels and cars with overwater bungalows and landscaped gardens, and you have, Avani.

Our two-bedroom villa was spacious and modern with a living room, an entertainment area, two bathrooms and a decent sized balcony perfect for any instagram-worthy shot.

As is typical during this time of the year, the days were hot and humid. I quickly learnt that any attempt at styling my hair or doing my makeup was in vain. My hairdryer and makeup bag were swiftly buried under piles of clothes, and messy buns and oversized sunglasses became the norm for the remainder of the trip.

At the centre of the resort, you can find the gym, an infinity pool and a bar that overlooks the ocean.

Many late afternoons were spent by the bar ordering fresh cocktails, looking at the sun setting over the water and momentarily forgetting everyday life and routine.

Admittedly, fewer afternoons were spent at the gym but it was comforting to know that there were gym facilities available 24/7. Particularly, with the number of amazing dining options available to guests including Malaysian, Chinese and Western/international cuisine.

As the resort is located in a fairly remote area, we found ourselves spending most of the time at the resort. Thankfully, there are plenty of activities to keep guests occupied, including go-karting, outdoor yoga, zumba, traditional cooking classes, batik painting and art workshops, and a nearby beach for anyone wishing to go kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding.

My favourite activity, and probably the biggest fail of all, was the water ball section of the beach. You know, one of those large inflatable spheres that allow you to walk (or in my case, tumble...) across the surface of the water. Thankfully, the area is sectioned off. Otherwise, I would still be out drifting somewhere in the ocean.

Travel around the resort is by golf buggies or bicycles - which are free for use by all guests. Although it had been years since I had ridden a bike, cycling became my preferred choice of travel. Not only was it a great way to get in some exercise during the day, but it was a fantastic way to see the rest of the resort.

It had been 18 years since I had last visited Malaysia, and this trip did not disappoint.

With Australia being so far away from the rest of the world, it's often difficult visiting another country without having to put aside several hours just for travel time. Malaysia is relatively close by and you don't need to worry about transits or arriving in a new country feeling completely jet-lagged.

Although we were only away for a week, that week left us feeling completely relaxed, refreshed and ready for life back at home.

Until next time, Malaysia! Thank you for providing the perfect place for a week of R&R.

And thank you for reading. Let me know whether you have any upcoming holidays planned, or if you have recently returned from a trip.

I'm looking forward to the next adventure ...where to? Who knows!


  1. Great post! Here's to many more unplanned adventures as we set sail to the wind and continue to explore the world around us!

    1. Thank you for your comment - I agree wholeheartedly, nothing better than seeing the rest of the world :)

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