Friday 4 November 2016

Spring nail polish favourites

I love nail polish.

I love collecting nail polish, I love having my nails done, and I can't leave a beauty supply store without having a quick look at their nail polish selection.

Surely, I'm not the only one ... :)

It's currently spring in Australia and that means I tend to reach more towards bright, pastel shades during this time of the year.

I thought I would share with you some of my favourite Essie shades for the season.

I remember being so excited when stores like Myer and Priceline first started stocking Essie polishes. The Essie stand is always so neatly displayed and colour coordinated, that it's hard to leave the store without picking up at least one shade!

Over the years, I have built up quite a large Essie collection and they are without doubt one of my favourite brands when it comes to nail polish. Essie offers a wide selection of shades and releases a collection of limited edition colours at the start of each season. Their polishes are generally smooth and easy to apply (though this may depend on the particular colour), and I find that they last well on the nails, especially when paired with a base and top coat.

Starting from the back row ...

Bikini So Teeny
Bikini So Teeny is a soft periwinkle blue with a subtle light shimmer running through it. I find this colour is flattering on most skin tones and it's a fun pop of colour during the warmer months.

Romper Room
To be perfectly honest, I wear Romper Room year round regardless of the season. It is the perfect shade of pale pink and one that I gravitate towards when I'm not sure what colour to wear. It's a shade that goes with any outfit and great for those working in an office environment that prefer something a little more work appropriate.

Blossom Dandy
I adore this shade! A creamy, aqua colour similar to the Tiffany blue shade. It's a fun colour to wear, especially paired with a glitter top coat. I feel a bit bad featuring this shade as it was released in Essie's Spring 2015 collection so it may not be available in stores anymore, however I'm sure you can find it online.

And in the front row ...

Oh my goodness, another favourite and unfortunately, another limited edition shade - this time from Essie's Summer 2015 collection. Chillato is a soft, pastel pistachio shade. It is so pale and creamy, and gives a really fresh, crisp look. I don't own any polish similar to this colour and I love the way it enhances a tan.

Virgin Snow
Okay, okay, I feel really bad again as Virgin Snow is also a limited edition shade. Essie released this colour as part of their Winter 2015 collection so you may not have much luck locating it in stores. Having said that, Virgin Snow is your standard pastel purple, which most brands sell. Although this was released during winter, it is a very versatile colour to wear. The shade is flattering on any skin tone and I love the way it pulls towards a grey-blue shade depending on the lighting.

How adorable are the bottles and the colours? So adorable! Makes me excited for the warmer season.

What shades are you currently drawn to? Are there certain colours that you tend to wear depending on the season?

Thank you for reading, I'm off to paint my nails in Chillato :)

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